The Nebraska Omnium Weekend 2017
February 15: Plans are under way now for the 2017 Nebraska Omnium Weekend.  Here is what we know at this point:

Race Director:  Rich Pearson will no longer be race director.  Mark Sullivan will take over that role.  Team Kaos will still be the sponsoring club and Mark is the Team Kaos president. 

Dates:  We are looking at dates now.  Most likely dates are May 20th and 21st.   (Any weekend will have some conflicts but this one seems to have the fewest). 

Venue:  Road Race: We plan on the same site and format for the Road Race near South Bend Nebraska.  It provides a good combination of hills, smooth roads, light traffic and an uphill finish.  
The Time Trial will likely be in the same general area.  
Crit:  We are still exploring possibilities for the Criterium  (Ashland is no longer available).  It is very difficult to find a suitable crit course and we are still searching. We might have to alter the format so that the omnium consists of a Saturday afternoon Time Trial and Sunday Road Race with no crit.  Out of towners would only need to stay one night instead of two.   

We will no longer be part of the Midwest Flyover Series, which will allow us more flexibility of scheduling.  But we do plan on participating in the Road Development Race Series for juniors.  

Planning is under way now so check back later for updates.   Rich ​ 

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